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We offer metro Atlanta A premium Disc jockey and karaoke service.


Atlantas Party Service
We offer karaoke in Atlanta Georgia along with Karaoke Machine Rental in Atlanta, and MC services. We offer our services for the entire metro Atlanta area. We have a Disc Jockey set up that consist od a cool
Half round desk with 2000 watt speakers. 15 inch woofers and a Amp/mixing board combo that will pump
out some tunes in a large area if necessary.Our Karaoke set up consist of the same sound system and a library of 140,000 karaoke songs . Music videos are also offered along with video projection and a large screen. We
have done many different venues from dance clubs to Kids birthday parties.

Making sure the party has the right sound is important to keeping everyone up beat and in the mood to celebrate whatever the occasion is. This is why we make sure we have all the right music, lighting and or songs for the event. We can be there for any event Weddings,Birthday parties, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Family Reunions, Cookouts, Pool Parties, School Dances, Senior Proms, Bridal Shows, Fraternity/Sorority Parties, Latin Events, you name it. We provide more then just music and karaoke songs, we work hard to keep the excitment up and make it a unforgetable experience.

The Disc Jockey/MC service will always be very personalized to fit the crowd. We have a collection of music from all genres and spanning to the 40's Because getting all kind of people in the mood to jump on that dance floor is all about reading the crowd. This is what makes great Dj's and MC'ing takes a certain personality and the ability to keep the crowd up beat and excited to be there and enjoying them selfs. Alot of Dj's can come and play some music. Blending in is easy, connecting with people with the right music and sound takes talent.
Line dance music is popular these days we have all the songs people will jump up for. Love ballads are always important for that "so wanted slow dance". We have you covered there too. Alot of the younger kids love the Hip Hop. I always make sure the music is clean So that they can get that cool beat without all the profanity.
Country is at a all time high in popularity. I have all of todays country for the younger crowd and all the classic country for the older folks. I have done several Christian events. Both Dj'ing and Karaoke. I can provide all the Cemporary Christian hits along with all the Traditional Christian hits. If there is a song I dont have music or karaoke I will get it before the event. I provide a projector for personalized slide shows on powerpoint. just
give me some pictures and some captions to load and I can set up a powerpoint presentation of that persons life. If there is a business function I can do the same to help to get your point across or product described..
I have had alot of success with kids parties. I can announce different activities and even hold a karaoke idol contest. I can also Video Tape the Event for a keep sake. I'm good at getting people to open up and talk to the camera so that the video is interesting and gets a little of peoples personality. Give us a call, we would love to provide our services at your next event

Richard 404-447-4577